Some Girls on BBC 3: is our future generation is screwed?

Ok, so hopefully not all secondary school kids in the UK are like this. Otherwise we have as much hope of getting a decent prime minister as Joey Essex knowing how many sides a square has.

Some Girls is a comedy on BBC 3 about four girls in secondary school who just do not give a hoo haaa about much really. Viva wants to go to university to study psychology, which at first sounded great. But then you learn that she hangs out with these other three girls: Amber who is no brighter than a brick , mini-tomboy Holli whose boldily functions are anything but ladylike and Saz who seems nice until you realise that everything she says is dripping with disdain.

In this week’s episode, Amber wants to get back with her boyfriend who actually matches her personality. Downside is that he gets around too much, is very controlling and treats her like the nearby streetbin. Meanwhile, Hollie has been shaving some poor boy’s head using superglue and we learn that posh, popular girls can’t do sport. One thing great about this show is that it is realistic and you can only really depend on the British for that. Take Glee, for example. On what planet would the geeks, jocks and pretties be in the same room together for anything?

This is extremely funny to watch but could we imagine some of the girls here in the real world? The thought is so scary that I am not going to dwell on this any further. All that’s left to say is happy viewing!


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