What’s next, Daniel Radcliffe?

Once a massive movie franchise like Twilight or Harry Potter ends, all everyone really wants to know is…what will the stars do next? Will they fall or fail?

Well it seems like Daniel Radcliffe, or that Harry Potter kid, only getts stronger. He will be a guest interviewee at the prestigious Whistler Film Festival which celebrates local as well as Hollywood talent on Nov 30.

And as he said on a Graham Norton show, he really does not rest! He will star in Kill Your Darlings, which is a story about a murder that sparked the Beat Revolution, the F Word (No…it’s nothing to do with Gordon Ramsey), a romantic comedy and Horns, a thriller.

I was never a real fan of the Harry Potter movies but am a fan of Daniel Radcliffe especially after his moving performance in Woman in Black. Previously, I had seen this in the theatre and so relished his on-screen performance.

All I can say is that I am excited to see what this young, British actor can do next. I suppose that not all actors needs to be like shirts? who needs them? Taylor Lautner in order to be successful…


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